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Our Team.

A group of crazy characters who heard the stories of those who have spent thousands of dollars in order to become speakers. We decided to bring a program to aspiring speakers who are looking for guidance. The program that we have created is unmeasurable in dollars to those who need the encouragement, training and opportunities in their lives.

Through the program that we have created those who join us on this 8 week journey we will be given valuable information to help further their career, get gigs, and help you to become the best "YOU" you can be when it comes to a speaking career. 

Meet The Coaches

We teach you the Business of Speaking

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Guest speakers and speaking coaches with each class: such as Cicone Prince, Jeff Marconette Jr. Velton Showell, Erin Paige, Regina Platt and More

Brenda Ring Wood

Terrance Leftridge

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