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Mastermind Class &
Facebook Group

In order to get the benefits of the Mastermind class you must be enrolled in both the 6 week Mastermind class and the Facebook group. If the Facebook group does not hold value after the 8 week course you may cancel at anytime. The Facebook Group will be the place to find all recordings from the course, plus additional nuggets of information and ongoing training. The facebook group at this time is free.

Becoming the Best Speaker "YOU" can be

A Connection and Opportunity Group

Brenda Ring Wood, Anthony Russo, Maude Miller and Terrance Leftridge have put together and designed a group membership to help, coach, encourage, connect and provide opportunities to people who want to become speakers, coaches, or just better all-round people in life and in their profession.

What do you get?

First and for most you will receive an 8-week mastermind class to be attended once per week for one hour via zoom. This class will provide information, training, connections and relationships to encourage, train and help you in your professional career. It will primarily be geared towards those who are looking for speaking training and platforms to speak on.
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