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Next class Starts Sept 11th 2023

Pay now or read info below!

BTBSpeaker Mastermind Course

8-week Mastermind Course

What is the cost?

There is a one-time fee of $650

- The mastermind per session cost is $81.25
- The number of participants per course is limited to 15 to ensure quality, accessibility to our team and the right opportunity for each group member.  This is a very interactive class. You start speaking day one.

There is also a monthly cost of $19  This is currently not an option

- Gain access to the restricted members only Facebook group.
- The group will provide you with valuable information, training, resources, and most importantly relationships and access to people in the industry that can help your dream take off
- This group will also provide you with the ability to rehearse your speeches, your techniques, and critique and evaluate your style, methods, research and delivery
- You will have the ability to post practice videos, ask for feedback and hone your style and delivery

What else do you get?

You also get our team of four as your consultants. We will bring our experience to the table to help you. We also bring our contacts and platforms to the group and give you the opportunity to spread your wings. If you fly or not will be up to you. It won't be because you were not given the tools you will need from this group to succeed. 

You can cancel your monthly membership at anytime, however, the one-time fee is non-refundable. 

We will be teaching you the business of speaking.  Yes there is a business side of the speaking house. We teach you that side, how to get gigs, how to find jobs, and how to sell yourself.

In order to join the group and be a part of the mastermind on TBD, you will need to pay the 8-week mastermind one-time fee and join the BTBS Facebook group. 

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